3 Important Skills to get the first job as fresher

Getting the first job immediately after the degree is a dream of every fresher but the developing countries with a high population are posing a great challenge of employment to skilled & unskilled workforce.

While interacting with the freshers, we have already observed that even talented & skilled freshers are struggling for the first job. What we can see is a process of degree completion & stage of life of fresher but not the employability.

Let us understand each aspect of the employability which might affect the job achievement for fresher, lets us also understand the strategy that will work for scoring the first job.

Freshers might have a question in mind- Why do companies avoid the recruitment of Freshers on most occasions?

There are a lot of companies which do not prefer the recruitment of the fresher, however, we should understand what are the factors due to which these companies avoid recruiting the fresher for any particular job or assignment.

Factor 1- The expectation of Quick Results

Most companies want quick results and that’s why they prefer to keep employees who can deliver results within a defined time. In such a case, they prefer experienced people who might need less time in training to start with the role.

Factor 2- Quality Perspective of Management

Mid & Senior-level executives who are well experienced and responsible for selecting front-level executives are always under pressure of performance to deliver quality results.
Management seeks quality irrespective of experience level. Freshers might not be suitable in those scenarios.

Factor 3- Attitude of Freshers

In various cases, management has identified that freshers were not ready to learn desired skills and their willingness towards hard work was also a problem.

Factor 4- Degree Vs. Skills

We have witnessed many such incidents during recruitment selection and working in companies that people who have just completed their degree were not effective with the skill related to social & technical capabilities and have no understanding of the market.
What we have seen is that when candidates appeared in the interview they were asked to perform a certain task on the excel sheet, PowerPoint presentations or Google sheets. They were unable to perform because they have not been exposed to the skills which are the basic requirement of every job function.

Factor 5- Compensation Expected Vs. Market Reality

Highly experienced people are working with low wages for years while the new generation freshers ask for a higher salary. This situation has given a tough challenge to freshers in the market who have just completed the degree in the respective field.

How to overcome the problem & get the first Job?

(With 3 important Skills)

Being a fresher we should understand the skills or qualities industry need for any job role irrespective of the job profile. There are 3 most important qualities we are talking about- Social ability, analytical ability, and technical ability.

To deliver the performance & result in the job one should acquire those during the education or after the education, you may take such sessions separately from any training and development center.

But the most important thing is that you should be equipped with these basic skills.

Social ability

When I talk about social skills it means that you should be able to collaborate with other teammates & you should be able to speak with your seniors or with the client.

Definitely, you should be able to draft office mails as and when it is required because none of the assignments is performed in the isolation.

Let me clarify that it has nothing to do with the language you use. It could be either English, Hindi or any of your regional languages. But the most important part is how good enough you are at presenting the facts or discussing with another person to get the required output.

Analytical ability

The second basic skill is analytical skills. Analytical skill is not just about analyzing the data, but I am talking about analyzing the situations. Having a fair understanding of the situations always help in the job.

When I talk about analytical capability is you should be able to observe the points which common or ordinary people cannot see.

You should be able to compile all those facts and you should be able to resolve the problems which are surfacing due to specific circumstances.

At many times, number crunching could be the part of the job but it is not always number crunching there could be qualitative or quantitative situations that are used for resolving any problem.

Technical ability

The third desire skill is technical skill means the kind of job role for which you are applying you must have basic knowledge about the technical things of that role.

In most cases, freshers are not equipped with these skills because during academics they were not taught in a practical manner.  In fact, they are not been exposed to the industry during any sort of internship training program.

That’s why they are unable to connect their theoretical studies with the practical, however, nowadays it is very easy to keep yourself updated with technical knowledge just because there are lots of Training Institutes that can provide you such training during your education.

It is just you have to push up a little hard yourself and find extra time in your education period and work on desired skills.