5 Free Digital Marketing Resources for Entrepreneurs & Freelancers

Free Digital Marketing Resources for New Startups & Freelancers

Business is all about creating relevant products & reaching out to potential customers to sell them. The rest of the business activities can be described as supporting activities for these two core functions.

Even innovative products attract huge competition in the market due to available alternatives. In such a scenario, reaching maximum potential customers in minimum time is the key to success.

Small businesses & freelancers have limited resources to compete in the market. Digital tools allow them reaching to targetted customers with limited resources.

Freelancers & small businesses with Limited Resources

The use of these Digital Tools to reach out to customers & convert them into business is the complete process of Digital Marketing. The good news is that there are many resources available free of cost on internet space.

When you have free Digital Marketing Tools with you, you can compete in the market with low investment means better ROI.

The first step of Digital Marketing starts with the creation of Web infrastructure like Websites, Social Media Pages, Microsites & Blogs etc. Once our Digital Infrastructure is ready, we can go for marketing & promotions by reaching out to customers using different types of tools.

Let’s understand which kind of tools are available free of cost to be used in Business & Marketing activities-


First Free Digital Marketing Resource is related to Website Building, There are many tools available on internet space for creating Free Websites & web pages. These web pages eventually will help you receiving & monitoring the responses of potential customers.

These website builder tools consist of simple designs with a professional look. There is no need for programming skills or experience and we can easily create a free website with these tools.

Blogger and Google site are the most popular tools from Google for site/blog building with your existing Gmail id. There are other popular tools like WordPress, Wix, Weebly, and Site123 which have lots of readymade templates to create free websites for you. You can try yourself or can take the training for the same.


Once your website is ready, you need to bring it into searches of Google & Bing or on few more search engines. It is very important to make your presence in search engines as most of the potential customers seek relevant products & services through searches in the first place.

For making your presence on search engines, you need to find important keywords which are being used by your potential customers. These keywords are placed in web pages so that you are found in search engine platforms when your customers are searching for related products & services.

There are various Free Digital Marketing Resources to improve the searches of Pages, There are Keyword tools like Google TrendsGoogle AdsUber Suggest & Keyword Tools that provide you with enough Keywords to rank your web pages in search engines. These tools are servicing free of cost.

You will also require to register & index your website on Google and Bing Tools like Google Search Console and Bing Search Console. There are certain skills that are required to set up your accounts, can be learned online.


Your potential customers are also available on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & Instagram. Most of the platforms do not allow business activities through individual accounts (except Twitter) so the first step is to create Business Page on every platform.

Here are tools like Facebook BusinessFacebook Ad Manager, LinkedIn Ad Manager & Twitter Ad Manager which help to create ads & run the ads of social media.


Email Marketing is an effective way to keep customers informed. This method of marketing is very cost-effective and generates a great response in terms of product sales & lead generation. The tactic is very effective at helping business owners and consumers stay connected.

There are tools from MailChimpZoho, Sendinblue, and Elasticmails that provide certain numbers of emails free every month, Even their paid subscriptions are very affordable.


Business needs continuous monitoring of performance & competition. There are certain tools like SimilarWeb & Alexa which provide data of your site performance as well as competition.

Another tool Google Analytics which gives a detailed insight into your site can be used to monitor and improve marketing performance.

All the above tools are available free of cost on the internet space. You can use 5 free digital marketing resources to achieve your business goals.