10 Challenges for Institutes preventing them to perform

The biggest challenge with academic institutes is becoming relevant to industries, employers & students simultaneously. However, this challenge has been attributed to various factors described below- Quality of Students Intake  It is the biggest challenge & cannot be controlled by Institutes. Private Colleges in India face the problem of intake of students which varies in quality in terms of basic analytical, communication capabilities & actionable attitude. This...

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3 Important Skills to get the first job as fresher

Getting the first job immediately after the degree is a dream of every fresher but the developing countries with a high population are posing a great challenge of employment to skilled & unskilled workforce. While interacting with the freshers, we have already observed that even talented & skilled freshers are struggling for the first job. What we can see is a process of degree completion...

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5 Free Digital Marketing Resources for Entrepreneurs & Freelancers

Free Digital Marketing Resources for New Startups & Freelancers Business is all about creating relevant products & reaching out to potential customers to sell them. The rest of the business activities can be described as supporting activities for these two core functions. Even innovative products attract huge competition in the market due to available alternatives. In such a scenario, reaching maximum potential customers in minimum time is the key...

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Challenges for Fresher in Current Job Market

Challenges in the Job Market I have met hundreds of freshers & college-going final year students so far during the training sessions & observed that jobs availability is a secondary problem. The absence of desired personality traits with appropriate knowledge & skills is causing a tough situation and posing a challenge for Freshers in the Job Market. The quick emergence of private sectors in India...

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5 Marketing Programs only Digital Marketing can implement at low investment

5 Powerful Marketing Programs only Digital Marketing can accomplish THERE ARE CERTAIN PROGRAMS WHICH DIGITAL MARKETING CAN PERFORM EFFECTIVELY Marketing functions are always under review process. Certain marketing functions deliver the result early while others in long term. In all cases, ROI on Marketing is reviewed continuously. Few marketers have already discovered that plenty of their potential customers are available on internet space. Digital Marketing...

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Top 10 qualities for better professional growth

Develop these qualities for better professional growth The professional world is updating very fast, and evolving in a continuous manner. Today that development is majorly fueled by advancements in technology. Whatever is the case, human capabilities will remain more important than manipulating tools. There are few top emerging skills identified in various global platforms reports suggesting that many professionals should look to developing their soft...

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